Sunday, March 28, 2010



SpOrTs are TImeLess acTIvITIes; Ones ThaT humans have enjOyed sInce aT LeasT ancIenT TImes, as exempLIfIed by The Greek OLympIc Games.

TIme LIne
MedIevaL perIOd (12oo - 1485)
Tudor and STuarT perIod (1485 - 1714)
HanOverIan perIOd (1714 – 179o)
ChangIng TImes (179o -183o)
VIcTOrIan SpOrT (183o – 19o1)
EdwardIan SpOrT (19o1 - 1918)
BeTween The wOrLd wars (1918 - 194o)
BrITIsh SpOrT (194o- TOday)

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